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Welcome to Écologie by AWDis, where our mission is to build a better future for our planet without compromising on style.

We are excited to bring you our unique new range of sustainable t-shirts, sweatshirts and knitted sweaters in a range of colours and finishes, all created from ecologically friendly cotton sources.

Combining sustainability with fashion, we have carefully designed our collection so that it not only makes you look good, but also makes you feel good about how our products are made.

Tree Planting Pledge

At Écologie by AWDis, our commitment to sustainability is not only woven into our garments, but it is also woven into the world we live in. We aim to become one of the most environmentally progressive brands in the printwear and promotions industry. Not only do we want to reduce the negative impact of the apparel industry on the planet, but it’s our mission to use this as a vehicle for change. We want to do our bit for the planet, and to inspire a generation to realise that they can do the same.

As a brand rooted in nature, our commitment is to give back to nature by planting trees around the world. We launched Écologie by AWDis by planting 200 trees globally through Carbon Footprint, and it is our goal to keep doing so.

Our pledge is that the more we sell, the more trees we will plant.

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